Redemptiontv.net is home to some of the best exploitation, sexploitation and Japanese pink films ever made. Here you will find works by the extraordinary director Jean Rollin whose unique, almost fairytale-like take on the vampire is still enthralling and gaining fans as people continue to discover his work. Also, available here are numerous examples of Pink cinema, a uniquely Japanese genre in which drama, human relationships and eroticism are mashed with humour or sometimes horror and served up as feature films that are often eccentrically individualistic, highly creative and never, ever, dull.

We will be adding new film titles every month and hope soon to expand our range to include alternative culture, fashion, music and lifestyle. Indeed if you have any product from music promos or short films and everything in-between then please get in touch and email us at:

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Available Titles to Rent on Redemption TV

  • Clockwork Orgy

    1 video

    Clockwork Orgy is one of porn's first parodies and arguably
    one of its best. Sticking remarkably close to the original story,
    pornstar Kaitlyn Ashley plays Alex, who, surrounded by her
    fellow Droogs, Isis Nile, Hot Olivia and the French beauty
    Rebecca Lord, roam dingy alleyways in search of ult...

  • Ghoul Scout Zombie Massacre

    1 video

    Four girls find themselves in a reform school run by an evil woman that joins forces with her equally demented scientist brother who creates a serum to turn attractive rocker guys into lobotomized sex slaves for his...

  • The Escapees
    1 video

    The Escapees

    1 video

    One of Jean Rollin's rarest and least seen films, The Escapees, centres on two young women, one feisty, the other quiet and withdrawn, who are on the run from an asylum for the insane. While travelling from place to place they have a number of surreal encounters including spending time with a gro...

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